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Local Scholars Analyze the OJ Simpson Case; Media, Myths and Morality Plays

October 1994 • Given the race, class and gender issues at play in the O.J. Simpson murder trial and the media frenzy around the case, what will the impact of the trial be? Will Simpson be able to get a fair trial? Would the Simpson case receive the unprecedented media scrutiny if the victims had been black? If the murders had occurred in South Central L.A. instead of Brentwood? Is the whole media circus a purposeful attempt to distract us from more pressing political issues? MORE


Are Musicians responsible for this election mess?

Jan, 2001
Depending on your politics, or your taste in music, you can blame, or credit, the following bands, performers, and songwriters for backing, or not backing, your candidate in the most recent presidential election.


Tribute to Ivor Darreg: Microtonal Music Pioneer, Instrument Builder, Theorist, Futurist, Free Thinker, Composer

Mar. 1994

Ivor Darreg was a musical revolutionary of the first order, a true freedom fighter. He combined the revolutionary urge to put forward a new vision, an alternate universe, with the anarchist's impulse to reject, even revile, the status quo and its oppressive institutions. MORE


The Case for Peltier for President

Oct 17, 2004

Leonard Peltier is the Presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party in California. This article gives an overview and update of his case and his campaign for a presidential pardon

When California voters go to the polls on election day they will see a candidate listed for president whose name is vaguely familiar but unmentioned in any media coverage of the 2004 campaign. As the candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party, Leonard Peltier may be the first presidential candidate since Eugene Debs in 1920 to be locked in a jail cell while running for president. MORE


Getting A Bad Rap

Dec., 1994.

The musical/cultural phenomenon known as rap has come a long way since the early days when Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five put out "The Message" and helped establish Rap as a legitimate, creative art form. From its roots in the toasting and boasting of Jamaican and New York dance hall and street poets, Rap has evolved into a socio-political force, fashion trendsetter and a multibillion dollar business. MORE


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